Design Office - 3D additive manufacturing - Projet monitoring in industrial methods
Office design and projets in indutrial methods. Specialized in 3D additive manufacturing, Machining, Forging, Fondry,Injection...
    You are in business overload? 
Do you need a technical drawing service? 
Do you need to outsource studies and manufacturing? 
Do you need to outsource industrial engineering projects? 
Do you need to use 3D additive manufacturing? 
Do you need to develop new ideas? 
Do you need to use other manufacturing processes for your products?

Installed in Brittany west of Rennes, between two major roads (N12, N24). 
We operate in the West and throughout France for multi-sectoral markets.

Transportation - Energy - Agri-Food - Products and Capital Goods - Industrial Subcontracting 
From start-ups to large industrial groups.

We highlight the design and manufacture of mechanical parts in 3D additive manufacturing for the general mechanical industry and precision. We are sure of the development opportunities offered by 3D additive manufacturing for precision mechanical metal and polymer parts and will explore with you the solutions provided by this innovative technique, such as:
- products alleviation ; 
- assemblies reduction ; 
- obsolescence parts duplication ; 
- products customization ; 
- added thermal channel or regulations ; 
- ...

The 3D additive manufacturing is not suitable for all parts configurations so our 20 years of expertise in the metal and polymer processing industry, allows us to take charge of your studies, the monitoring and manufacturing of your single, small, medium series parts with traditional manufacturing processes such as:
- machining : Turning, Milling, Turning ... 
- forging of Brass and Aluminum ; 
- aluminum Foundry, Brass Foundry ; 
- injecting : Plastic Mold, Aluminum Mold, Zamak Mold.

We have knowledge of many materials (Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Zamak, Polymer ...) and the associated treatments and coatings, we will guide you !
We adapt and design your products according to your specifications and we offer you the most suitable manufacturing process. 
We take care of the manufacture of your products, until their controls and good to deliver. 
In the case of injected parts, forgings, castings, we take care of the design as well as the manufacturing of the tools at our partners until the delivery of the initial samples.
Our professional conscience, listening and counseling are at the center of our concerns. 
Rigor and organization are the strength of our creativity and imagination. 
We adapt to your constraints to follow your objectives and go towards the reliability cost and delay. 
We manage projects with responsibility and respect for confidentiality. 
Although industrial, we seek to reduce our impact on the environment by promoting eco-design and maximizing recyclable or bio sourced materials..
STUDies And innovations
From the expression of the functional need to the approval of the initial samples:
- design of the product: definition of specifications, value analysis and functional, A.M.D.E.C ;
- digital 3D CAD modeling (SolidWorks, Rhinoceros) ;
- prototypes and models ; 
- follow the phases of industrialization until homologation ;
- our business expertise allows to design a product optimized technically and economically.

Knowledge of many manufacturing processes and manufacturing tools:
- 3D additive manufacturing - 3D printing ; 
- machining ; 
- stamping (Brass and Aluminum) ;
- casting (Brass, Aluminum) ;
- injecting (Aluminum, Zamak under pressure) ;
- 3D additive manufacturing - 3D Printing ;

- drawing, fine sheet metal ; 
- plasturgy: Injection ;
- treatments of materials ; 
- surface coatings.
Knowledge of the complete cycle of mechanical development allows us to optimize, make reliable and anticipate each phase, in compliance with cost-time commitments. Our customers also have access to our suppliers-partners address book.
Prototypes, mechanical parts manufacturing and mechanical assembly:
- 3D additive manufacturing - 3D printing ; 
- machining ; 
- treatments and surface coatings ;
- assembly.

In the company following availability or with our network of partners.
Follow-up of industrial projets
Follow-up of industrial projects :
- production tools (Injecting mold,cutting tool...) ;
- production equipment (Automatic or manual assembly stations, robot equipment ...) ;
- continuous improvement (5s ou 6s, SMED, Lean Manufacturing).

We accompany you, with our partners, until the homologation of the tooling and the initial samples. In a partner structure or in your industrial site. 
We can also use the partners you have qualified. We will integrate them from the beginning of the project to allow us to accurately anticipate the costs and delays of the serial manufacturing processes. For the manufacture of your tools and the production of your parts, we consult our partners in Brittany, France or Europe.
our partners

Sarl IdPROD is a machining company specializing in prototypes; unitary parts and small series in Ploërmel (56). 
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